Advanced JavaScript fundamentals content kit

This content kit provides learning material to allow intermediate web developers to level up their skills, learning real world techniques to take them past rudimentary syntax towards a solid foundation of skills than can be utilized to create modern web applications. It'll be visual; you'll have fun along the way.

Technology level: This content kit focuses on advanced JavaScript techniques: most of this content is well-supported across modern web browsers. Where this is not the case, the content will be clearly labeled. The examples make use of polyfills where possible to ensure maximum browser compatibility.

The base support level for the content kit is IE10.

For any issues, submit issues against the Advanced JS fundamentals CK Github repo.

Versioning information

Version 0.1, current as of June 21st 2015.

This content kit is published under the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0. (A fairly permissive license, compatible with MDN, which allows good reuse.) You can substitute it for another suitable license if you wish.

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